Why the name “Mercury Flats Gazette?”

This name is based upon an unpublished novel of author Ben Douglass. Mercury Flats is a remote fictional encampment in the Mojave Desert Reserve, about 56 miles west of Needles, California. It’s a place where life plays out with an assortment of free-wheeling characters of every stripe.

As the Tagline says: this blog is the Cerebral Flashpoints From A Fearless Spectator.

This blog will attempt to honor and re-affirm a lost tradition: the personal essay. The hallmark of the personal essay is its intimacy. The writer seems to be speaking directly into the reader’s ear, confiding everything from gossip to wisdom. Through sharing thoughts, memories, desires, complaints, testiness, and companionship. To this end the author hopes to be as successful as his literary heroes, the Great Ones, Samuel Johnson, William Hazlitt, George Orwell, H.L Mencken, Mark Twain, Annie Dillard, and John Updike.

Short essays will be posted on a weekly basis so come back often.